I  grew up alongside my intellectually and physically disabled brother, Michael…These early experiences forged a sort of ride-or-die relationship, and my brother and I found ourselves inextricably committed to ride out life’s challenges together, whatever the outcome and wherever that journey might take us.

A Future We Must Dare to Imagine, JAMA Neurology

The aim of this scoping review was to map the current research on care coordination for adults with Ds [Down syndrome]. A preliminary search of the literature showed that there were sparse results for care coordination efforts for people with Down syndrome and none were focused on the adult population.

Care Coordination for Adults with Down Syndrome or Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities – A Scoping Review, Nevada Journal of Public Health

This resource is a standardized patient case featuring Bill Thompson, an older man who has been experiencing the gradual onset of hearing loss. 

Standardized Patient Case: Evaluation of Hearing Loss, MedEd PORTAL

First described in 1956, stiff person syndrome is characterized by episodes of slowly progressive stiffness and rigidity in both the paraspinal and limb muscles. Although considered a rare disorder, stiff person syndrome is likely to be under-diagnosed due to a general lack of awareness of the disease in the medical community.

Stiff person syndrome presenting with sudden onset of shortness of breath and difficulty moving the right arm: a case report, Journal of Medical Case Reports
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